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The “inmate search” feature displays photographs and public information on inmates currently housed at the R. Eugene Johnson Detention Center.   The “inmate search” does not provide information for inmates released from our facility.  The system is updated every fifteen minutes as inmates are booked in and/or released. 

Bond hearings are normally scheduled at 9am and 5pm every day.  We recommend that you check the “inmate search” section thirty minutes prior to each bond hearing.  This will give you information on all inmates that have been booked in between bond hearings.

While the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office strives to ensure accuracy of this information, it makes no guarantees as to the reliability of the data. Under no circumstances will the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office / R. Eugene Johnson Detention Center be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, with regard to any and all information obtained through the use of this service. Please report data errors or discrepancies via E-mail to


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